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Od Đonny na 27.3.2008 19:21

Sometimes you need to sort something other then NodeSet in XSLT. It is not very easy task because XSLT itself does not support anything like arrays, variables etc. If you use particular XSLT processor you can deal with this by converting string to NodeSet by functions like node-set. But this function is not part of XSLT 1.0 standard and hence it is not available in all XSLT processors. If you need to perform XSLT transformation in web browser on clien side you have to use only standard functions.
So, my example sorts some pseudo-array stored in string using popular and quick QuickSort alghoritm.

Od Đonny na 16.3.2008 18:42

I've experimented with XSLT in web browsers.

  1. All (IE7, FF2, OP9, SF3) supports static XSLT
  2. All of them also support JavaScript invocation of XSLT, IE, of course, in its own stupid ActiveX way. But there are also some differences between modern browsers.
  3. SF3 has the purest XSLT support. After transformation it is unable to load images and it does not support passing namespace-specific parameters to transformation
There is my script that 100% FF2, OP9;  99% in IE (cannot be run from local disk - file://)

Od Đonny na 5.3.2008 21:33

The big disadvantege of XML schema is that it does not allow you to define content model which allows single ocurence of several elements in any order.
This article discusses several workarounds of this fact.

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