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Od Đonny na 29.4.2008 15:07

I've just installed Microsoft Expression Blend - a tool for designing WPF applications.
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Od Đonny na 21.4.2008 9:57

Personally I think that Microsoft takes care about ASP.NET server controls rendering valid XHTML code if forced to by <xhtmlConformance mode="Strict"/> in <system.web> in web config. If you want you may get even table-less controls. But have you ever used such simple control as CheckBox? And have you ever set its Enabled property to fale?
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Od Đonny na 18.4.2008 12:01

Have a look at Trackmania United Block Guide. It's me new ASP.NET AJAX- and XML-based web site about Trackmania game. And there is also article about all the technical obstacles I had to overcome while creating such site.
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