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Author: Đonny Created: 19.3.2007 16:43
Sem tam něco o softwaru, o vývoji softwaru o počítačích a tak.

By Đonny on 30.7.2008 8:30

This post provides macro for highlighting SQL syntax in MS Excel.
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By Đonny on 17.6.2008 12:35

Recently I've discovered that when you have to work with large binary file byte-by-byte (ie. parse it using aan automaton), it is much more fater to load it using IO.File.ReadAllBytes() to byte array and then create IO.MemoryStream over such array than using stream retuned by IO.File.Open.
I've loop that used stream.ReadByte() again and again to iterate through file (cca 250MB) and it took several minutes using FileStream and several seconds using MemoryStream.
Writing slightly altered this file back to disk using FileStream (IO.File.Open) is quite fast as long as you preset file size using SetLength().

By Đonny on 31.5.2008 18:20

Válí se mi to tady už nějakou dobu a evidentně na to nevede žádný odkaz z Googlu což je škoda, takže tady jej dávám.
CLI Quice Reference (česky)
Jedná se o rychlou orientační referenční příručku pro všechny (3 na celym světě?) šílence, kteří chtějí programovat v jazyce MSIL (assembleru pro .NET). Tak si pěkně počtěte a něco pěknýho naprogramujte.

<this article is written in Czech and it contains CLI Quick Reference (Czech)>
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By Đonny on 20.5.2008 22:25

In this post I'll cover some problems you may face when creating references in XML documantation using tags like <see> or <seealso>. I'll tell you how to create proper references. How are references translated to resulting XML documentation file. What is possible to reference in Visual Basic and what not and how to workaround it.
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By Đonny on 1.5.2008 10:53

WPF lacks some important controls. NumericUpDown is one of them. Here it is.
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By Đonny on 29.4.2008 15:07

I've just installed Microsoft Expression Blend - a tool for designing WPF applications.
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By Đonny on 21.4.2008 9:57

Personally I think that Microsoft takes care about ASP.NET server controls rendering valid XHTML code if forced to by <xhtmlConformance mode="Strict"/> in <system.web> in web config. If you want you may get even table-less controls. But have you ever used such simple control as CheckBox? And have you ever set its Enabled property to fale?
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By Đonny on 18.4.2008 12:01

Have a look at Trackmania United Block Guide. It's me new ASP.NET AJAX- and XML-based web site about Trackmania game. And there is also article about all the technical obstacles I had to overcome while creating such site.
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By Đonny on 27.3.2008 19:21

Sometimes you need to sort something other then NodeSet in XSLT. It is not very easy task because XSLT itself does not support anything like arrays, variables etc. If you use particular XSLT processor you can deal with this by converting string to NodeSet by functions like node-set. But this function is not part of XSLT 1.0 standard and hence it is not available in all XSLT processors. If you need to perform XSLT transformation in web browser on clien side you have to use only standard functions.
So, my example sorts some pseudo-array stored in string using popular and quick QuickSort alghoritm.
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By Đonny on 16.3.2008 18:42

I've experimented with XSLT in web browsers.

  1. All (IE7, FF2, OP9, SF3) supports static XSLT
  2. All of them also support JavaScript invocation of XSLT, IE, of course, in its own stupid ActiveX way. But there are also some differences between modern browsers.
  3. SF3 has the purest XSLT support. After transformation it is unable to load images and it does not support passing namespace-specific parameters to transformation
There is my script that 100% FF2, OP9;  99% in IE (cannot be run from local disk - file://)
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