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Autor: Đonny Vytvořeno: 19.3.2007 16:43
Sem tam něco o softwaru, o vývoji softwaru o počítačích a tak.

Od Đonny na 1.12.2008 21:52

Do you like the feature of Visual Studio (in both, C# and VB) that allows you to let version number (Build and Revision) to be automatically generated? Just set version number to 1.0.* or 1.0.0.* and version will be generated automatically. And Are you signing your assemblies? And do you use WPF? And do you do all those 3 thinks in single assembly? Probably not, because I've googled-out only a few references and no acceptable solution for my problem. The problem is that when you have signed auto-versioned assemby that contain XAML file, and the XAML file references type in the very same assembly; the XAML file doesn't load. Application crashes telling something about bad missing asembly or bad version of assembly os something such stupid. Using your favorit hex editor you can find that in compiled XAML - BAML wich is placed in one of assembly resources (you can extract them using Reflector) there is reference to some previous (or even random?) version of the assembly. Nice bug. I still keep saying that WPF ne ... Read More »

Od Đonny na 1.12.2008 10:04

Sometimes it happens that installation of .NET 3.5 SP1 removes XML Intellisense files of .NET 3.0. And you are then left without Intellisense tooltips for 3.0 classes.
I hope that Microsoft will not imprison me for this, but you can download these filese from my web. Unpack them to C:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\v3.0\en\.
XML Intellisense files for .NET 3.0 assemblies

Od Đonny na 22.11.2008 10:21

It's 2 yers ago when I've created list of features I like to see in Visual Basic programming language. Today I'm acualizing it in reaction to article called Visual Basic future (full article).
See as office document
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Od Đonny na 19.11.2008 17:07

A few days ago I've bought Windows Anytime Upgrade Home Premium to Ultimate for my Acer Aspire 8930 notebok. I won't install as upgrade - only clean install option was available. I've finally found out why and how to solve it. Here is the story as well as steps to solve the issue.
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Od Đonny na 5.11.2008 16:19

Now it is much more simpler to switch from Office 2003 to Open Office than from Office 2003 to Office 2007 :-(
I can only hope that that ribbon stuff will never take place in Visual Studio or it will be simpler to switch to ...
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Od Đonny na 5.11.2008 10:21

Today something not exactly related with software development. My brand-new Acer laptop suddenly started to refuse to go to sleep mode. When I've pressed the sleep button it just've switched the screen off but hard-drive and fan countinued to operate. I could move the mouse or press any key to switch the screen. After that I've just seen "Loking your computer" message and then a wellcome sreen of Vista. After many minutes of googling I've found nothing more than to check devices allowed to wake the computer up and check for planned tasks. This was not my case. Finally I've discovered that the computer perfectly falls asleep when not plugged in. And this was the key for resolving the issue.
Go to Control pannel | Power management | Sleep mode settings | Change advanced settings (not sure of exact wording, I have Czech Windows). In a tree structure locate Multimedia setting | W ... Read More »

Od Đonny na 23.9.2008 21:19

In Visual Basic you can author XML documentation comments fro your classes and methods. Visual Studio allows you to customize default comment (inserted when ''' is typed) as well as elements and attributes offered by intellisense. This post shows how.
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Od Đonny na 4.8.2008 14:16

Visual Basic source code of  ToolStripNumericUpDown - NumericUpDown embdeded in ToolStrip.
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Od Đonny na 30.7.2008 8:30

This post provides macro for highlighting SQL syntax in MS Excel.
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Od Đonny na 17.6.2008 12:35

Recently I've discovered that when you have to work with large binary file byte-by-byte (ie. parse it using aan automaton), it is much more fater to load it using IO.File.ReadAllBytes() to byte array and then create IO.MemoryStream over such array than using stream retuned by IO.File.Open.
I've loop that used stream.ReadByte() again and again to iterate through file (cca 250MB) and it took several minutes using FileStream and several seconds using MemoryStream.
Writing slightly altered this file back to disk using FileStream (IO.File.Open) is quite fast as long as you preset file size using SetLength().

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