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Author: Đonny Created: 19.3.2007 16:43
Sem tam něco o softwaru, o vývoji softwaru o počítačích a tak.

By Đonny on 17.11.2009 4:28

My old laptop died (have been died by incapable Acer service - they haven't been able to get rid of noisy fan within 30 days, so according to Czech law they have to give me my money back). So, I have bought a new laptop with Windows 7 x64. After 3 days I have it almost working and here are my experiences... Read More »

By Đonny on 21.6.2009 12:07

While Now.Date < #7/12/2009#
    Threading.Thread.Sleep((Now.Date.AddDays(Read More »

By Đonny on 31.5.2009 21:36

I've just downloaded Visual Studio Beta 1 and ported my hobby OpenSource project ĐTools to it. Well it's Beta 1 and you can see it at many places. Just attempt to import my 23projects solution took nearly whole weekend and I've posted about 10 bugs and suggestions to Microsoft Connect (hopefully I'll not be considered Connect spammer ). And something still does not work - my C++/CLI project for managed Total Commander plugins makes C++/CLI compiler crahs (462208), my CIL makefile project cannot be build from yet unknown reason and some of my VB project report errors that don't exists (462216).
On the other hand ...
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By Đonny on 15.4.2009 22:07

A few weeks ago I've got a new Windows-Mobile-powered mobile phone HTC Touch HD. One think I like about Windows Mobile is .NET Framework which makes application development for the platform very easy. One think I'm crazy about is peculiar character sets and Unicode characters. Those two thinks together with lack of such built-in software are reason why I've created my first device software: CharMap mobile. It's full-featured CharMap as you know it from Windows XP/Vista. With Unicode support, character names, Unicode subranges any may other features.
From some peculiar reason (Windows Mobile / .NET CF limitation ?) it does not property display non-BMP (non-UTF-16) characters. And names of characters are not localized (whole user interface is localized to English and Czech and language can be switched though .NET CF does not support changing of CurrentUICulture).
The application is distributes with setup CAB, binary files and source code.
In feature it will probably become part of my ...
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By Đonny on 13.3.2009 19:13

Myslel jsem, že už jsem to dávno pověsil někam na web, ale když jsem si to v práce chtěl stáhnout, zjistil jsem, že to nikde nemůžu najít. Tak tady to je: Velmi stručná reference CSS a XHTML (DOC).

I'd thought that I'd published it already. Them I wanted to download it at work and I've found that I could not find it anywhere. So, here it is: A very brief CSS and XHTML reference sheet (DOC) (in Czech).

By Đonny on 13.3.2009 1:30

Aktualizoval jsem průvodce MSIL o direktivy .export a .vtentry. Zajímalo by mě kde se člověk dostane k informacím o takovýchto direktivách, když ne na ECMA C# and Common Language Infrastructure Standards. Jako vzor mi posloužil článek Unmanaged code can wrap managed methods.

I've updated my CLI Quick quide (in Czech). I've found 2 MSIL directives, .export and .vtentry, I can't find in official documentation at ECMA C# and Common Language Infrastructure Standards. I've found them in the < ... Read More »

By Đonny on 8.3.2009 22:20

Is it possible to create Total Commander plugin in Visual Basic or C#?
Quick answer is: No, because Total Commander plugins are Win32-API-style DLLs with funny extensions (instead of .dll) and managed languages cannot export functions in C-style way.
My first article on The Code Project describes is non-quick aswer. It describes framework for creating managed plugins for Total Commander. wfx only right now.
Note: Article was published 8. March 2009 21:26GMT. It may take few hours before it's approwed.

By Đonny on 1.12.2008 21:52

Do you like the feature of Visual Studio (in both, C# and VB) that allows you to let version number (Build and Revision) to be automatically generated? Just set version number to 1.0.* or 1.0.0.* and version will be generated automatically. And Are you signing your assemblies? And do you use WPF? And do you do all those 3 thinks in single assembly? Probably not, because I've googled-out only a few references and no acceptable solution for my problem. The problem is that when you have signed auto-versioned assemby that contain XAML file, and the XAML file references type in the very same assembly; the XAML file doesn't load. Application crashes telling something about bad missing asembly or bad version of assembly os something such stupid. Using your favorit hex editor you can find that in compiled XAML - BAML wich is placed in one of assembly resources (you can extract them using Reflector) there is reference to some previous (or even random?) version of the assembly. Nice bug. I still keep saying that WPF ne ... Read More »

By Đonny on 1.12.2008 10:04

Sometimes it happens that installation of .NET 3.5 SP1 removes XML Intellisense files of .NET 3.0. And you are then left without Intellisense tooltips for 3.0 classes.
I hope that Microsoft will not imprison me for this, but you can download these filese from my web. Unpack them to C:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\v3.0\en\.
XML Intellisense files for .NET 3.0 assemblies

By Đonny on 22.11.2008 10:21

It's 2 yers ago when I've created list of features I like to see in Visual Basic programming language. Today I'm acualizing it in reaction to article called Visual Basic future (full article).
See as office document
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