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Contains classes for working with Total Commander file manager and implementing extensions for it.


Public classBitmapResult
Holds reference to file miniature bitmap
Public classColumnDefinition
Defines a column in Total Commander view
Public classColumnSource
Defines source view column value
Public classContentFieldSpecification
Defines content field
Public classContentPluginBase
Common base class for plugins tha can provide custom columns
Public classFilePluginIconAttribute
Specifies plugin icon stored in ICO file
Public classFileSystemPlugin
Abstract base class for Total Commander file-system plugins (wfx)
Public classMethodNotSupportedAttribute
When applied onto method identifies method as not implemented by current implementation of class.
Public classNotAPluginAttribute
Apply this attribute to Total Commander plugin class to make plugin generator ignore it
Public classOperationEventArgs
Arguments of operation status notifications
Public classPluginBase
Common base class for all Total Commander plugins
Public classPluginIconBaseAttribute
Base class for plugin icon attributes
Public classResourcePluginIconAttribute
Specifies plugin icon stored in resource
Public classTotalCommanderPluginAttribute
Apply this attribute to class implementing Total Commander plugin to precise how the plugin is generated.
Public classViewDefinition
Deines custom view in Total Commander


Public structureDefaultParams
Contains information about current plugin interface version and ini location
Public structureFindData
Contains information about the file that is found by the FindFirst(String, FindData%), or FindNext(Object, FindData%) function.
Public structureRemoteInfo
Contains details about the remote file being copied.


Public delegateLogCallback
Callback function, which the plugin can call to show the FTP connections toolbar, and to pass log messages to it. Totalcmd can show these messages in the log window (ftp toolbar) and write them to a log file.
Public delegateProgressCallback
Callback function, which the plugin can call to show copy progress.
Public delegateRequestCallback
callback function, which the plugin can call to request input from the user. When using one of the standard parameters, the request will be in the selected language.


Public enumerationBitmapHandling
Contains instructions for Total Commander how to handle extracted bitmap
Public enumerationContentFieldType
Types of content fields
Public enumerationCopyFlags
Cfalg used when copying or moving file or directory
Public enumerationExecExitCode
Identifies result of file system exec operation
Public enumerationFieldFlags
Field flags controlling how Total Commander treats the field and its value
Public enumerationFileAttributes
File attributes
Public enumerationFileSystemExitCode
Result of file system operation
Public enumerationGetContentFieldValueReturnCode
Return codes taht can be returned instead of actual field value
Public enumerationGetFieldValueFlags
Flags controlling field extraction behavior
Public enumerationIconExtractFlags
File system icon extraction flags
Public enumerationIconExtractResult
Identifies result of icon-obtaining
Public enumerationInputRequestKind
When user input is requested by plugin, one of those values may be used
Public enumerationLogKind
When log is issued its kind is denoted with one of following flags
Public enumerationOperationKind
Kinds of operations
Public enumerationOperationStatus
Operation status
Public enumerationPluginType
Recognized Total Commander plugin types
Public enumerationReparsePointTags
When you set a reparse point, you must tag the data to be placed in the reparse point. After the reparse point has been established, a new set operation fails if the tag for the new data does not match the tag for the existing data. If the tags match, the set operation overwrites the existing reparse point.
Public enumerationSetValueFlags
Defines varios information for custom field (column) value being set
Public enumerationSortOrder
Defines sorting orders
Public enumerationStandardFileAttributes
Standars subset of file attributes

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